Saturday, March 3, 2012


Cheyanne was our model for this Friday. Always a treat to paint her. She's become a good friend and model and we've gone exploring some of the local hills.  She has what I call that Pocahontas look so I'm always looking for places where you might see an native American princess hanging out.

11x14 acrylic on canvas "Ripple
Above is a painting from one of those explorations along a tributary of the Chowchilla River. She's one of the nicest souls I've ever met. A delight to be with and a very patient model.   Below is my first pastel of her from the Yosemite Western Artists portrait painting group.


  1. Terry,
    you really have captured her very essence.. her smile.. her personality.. excellent work.. you really are very good at what you do..
    we used to live in Marpiosa.. its a beautiful place.. and Oakhurst has grown so much sense we have lived there.. its mind blogging..

    1. Thanks Hope, Cheyenne seems to bring a bit of light to everyone she meets. I'll add a pic of the painting before I brought it home and altered it to look more like her. It was a bit fresher and freer with the brush strokes but though it looked fine it wasn't quite her.

      Mariposa is still holding onto it's small town charm while Oakhurst is doing just the opposite. Thanks for connecting.