Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ahwahnee Park Pond

Took a walk in the gated and barb wire fenced Ahwahnee Park last Sunday exploring some new locations. Someone had cut the wire near the gate so it was easier to walk around but the fellow in charge didn't like that so he redid it. I suggested he could keep it off so those of us without a gate key could get in without doing the barb wire limbo. Nope. He couldn't live with that. Oh well so far I haven't snagged any clothing and no one has said I can't be there so, I continue my visits.

 I was hoping to get some photos of some Hooded Merganser and Common Merganser ducks that I saw there a week ago. You really need and extra long telephoto because the minute you get near them they fly away. That was the case on Sunday. I got some nice photos as always seems to be the case. Some combos I take with the express intention of making a painting. The painting above is one done from that day.

Here's a few photos from that visit. This first one of the hazy sun reminded me of a spooky eye so I mirrored it. (oo)

The weather has been changing a lot during the day. One minute sunny and warm the next overcast and cold.

Friends on Facebook have already seen this Orange Winged Black Bird that came by singing his claim to his territory.

One of the joys of digital photography is you can take lots of pics to get that one good one. Such is the case with him. I noticed he only showed his orange wing when he sang so the minute he would start I'd click. Eventually getting this one.

A beaver has moved into the nearby creek and has started damming it up. He's been doing a good bit of tree clearing too.
 There was one spot above the beaver damn that had this really nice section of dried weeds. The textures were beautiful. I could have spent more time there but my walking partner was starting to get impatient. I suppose I try folks patience when they go out for walks with me. I've turned into an incurable shutter bug.

Speaking of bug catchers. I'll close this post with one more little fellow who was hanging out by the beaver damn. He had a nice little call and a charming personality.

I'm guessing he was some kind of fly catcher which makes him A OK in my book.

There's just so much to see and enjoy at this park. I'll almost be sad when it gets open to the public and crowded. I won't be sad to lose the barb wire though.


  1. Some great shots there, Terry.

  2. Thanks Jack,

    It's one of my favorite local places.