Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Creek Painting

"Alder Creek" -Yosemite-   16 X 20 acrylic on canvas

I'm never quite sure when a painting is done but I know when I'm done painting on one at least for the time being. This painting is of a section of Alder Creek in Yosemite.  The foreground plant is a thimble berry. It grows along creeks and provides an edible berry the size of a thimble, hence it's name. The berry isn't super tasty but not bad either. It is somewhat like a black berry only red and smaller.

I'm guessing this is Alder Creek but it could be Bishop Creek which is just up the road towards the valley from Alder. Both go under hwy 41. I'd often stop by an photograph these two creeks on my way back from giving a tour in Yosemite.  I took a lot of this one but can't quite remember which creek it was. My best guess is Alder. Both are very similar but Alder is a little bigger.

Hope to get a hike to Alder Falls in this spring. With the warm winter we've had this year they will probably dry up by July or August. Last year was a great year for falls this. This one is going to be a shorter season. I think tourists coming later in summer are going to be disappointed with the falls this year.

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  1. nice work, '
    erry. You are fortunate to be surrounded by so many beautiful places to paint