Monday, January 30, 2012

The start of the Chowchilla River Series

Started a new series of paintings based on the Chowchilla river and it's tributaries. It all started with a trip down into the foothills near where I live. Neighbor, artist, and friend Charlotte Hoffman and I went to the nearby Ahwahnee Hills Park to join some plein aire painters. Only we went early to catch the morning light with out cameras.

I tend to prefer working from photographs when painting outside scenes because the light changes too fast. Lighting is everything for me and it's more comfortable working at home where I can adjust my photos, listen to music and take a break in my easy chair when I want. Plus some times the weather is just to inhospitable to sit outside and paint.

Coming back from our morning photo session I was telling Charlotte that I wished there was a way to explore more of the foothills closer to where we live. She told me of one her and her husband David had discovered and asked if I wanted to go check it out. It was amazing and I wrote about it earlier. This painting of the lake Eastman was inspired from that photo trip.

Was talking about how beautiful the foothills by Lake Eastman were when the model at out Friday portrait painting group says you should come check out my ranch near there. So a few of us did just that.

This painting of his section of the Chowchilla river was inspired from that day. It was a great place to go river rock hunting, He said he fished there and also panned for gold.

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