Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Visit with Abe Lincoln

Last Friday we had a fellow named Wayne who is an Abe Lincoln Impersonator. He wasn't in costume this time but you can see a certain amount of resemblance.  One lady said reminded her of an undertaker.

I think he'd look good as an Amish dutch man. He's a fairly tall bloke with a good sense of humor. A little corny at times but I like corn.

I forgot my little box of dirty pastels so all I had was a bag of blues and a small old selection of some fleshy colors. Nothing like starting your day of with a bag of blues.

I switched to a side location and found a piece of black pastel. He had switched to his glasses at this point. Suppose he was uncomfortable not being able to see who all was staring at him.

Wayne is a real character with lots of stories to tell, Not only does he travel the states doing Abe Lincoln but he served our country in Vietnam and was once a police officer. He also teaches traffic school for all those who would rather do that than may their traffic ticket.

Apparently he is also big into guns and target shooting. When asked if he ever hunted he said he gave up killing after Nam.

 After  my last sketch of Abe for the day I was talking about a painting I had started of Lake Eastman near Raymond. Raving about how beautiful the oaks were this time of year in the foothills.  He said that his ranch was near there and invited me to come down and check it out after the session. I did and brought along photographer Lori Cole and artist Jaunita Smith. We had a good time taking picks at his ranch along the Chowchilla river. I'll show the painting from those pics in my next blog.

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