Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Color (day 2 continued)

Virginia Creek from 395
Lower Lundy Canyon

Before getting into day 3 I'm going to share how day 2 wrapped up. It was really nice having a whole day to myself with all these spectacular sights. Just seeing all the color of Virgina Creek from 395 was stunning. There was a constant stream of folks stopping along the freeway to take in the view. From there I headed over to Lundy Canyon another popular spot for people wanting to take in all the Fall color.

There was already a lot of leaves on the ground in some areas as can be seen in the above pic.Yet I quite a few great pics of leaves carpeting the ground.  Not having been there before I'd stop at sights that looked promising occasionally walking back disappointed.  Once I got on the dirt road things started changing for the better. The first beaver pond had me mesmerized in it's reflective beauty.
The beavers had been obviously quite busy as can be seen in this one shot of all the downed logs in the water.  There was so much to shoot. With the light constantly changing, I knew I'd have to come back here the next day for the morning light. The place was truly magical and I could see why it's so popular.  I shot til it started to get too dark to see.  The whole east side experience was inspiring and each time I go through my pics I keep seeing new favorite shots. It was near impossible to take a bad shot.
My little Cannon SX30 IS performed admirably. Yes there were times I could have used an aperture opening smaller than F/8 and yes a bigger sensor would allow me even better resolution but at 14 mega pixels it did quite well. 16 x 20 prints are going to hold up quite well.

As with all these pics clicking on them will take you to a larger slide show of them.

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