Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Tour of Toulumne

Bear #36
It's a rare occasion when a tour starts off first thing with a bear sighting.  While waiting for my tour guests to finish their breakfast at the Ahwahnee hotel, bear #36 was spotted just in the back. I got this shot just before he climbed into the appletree for his morning meal.

Hard to get a sharp photo when you've got you lens maxed out at 35X with no tripod. This was the best of the lot.

Fortunately this family had already seen most of the valley floor highlights and seemed intrigued with seeing the high country off Tioga road.  My lucky day! This time of year it's the place to be in Yosemite.

The first major site along the drive to Tuolumne meadows is Olmsted Point. It is often as crowded as the Tunnel View in the valley. This is a not so typical view of Half Dome frame by this granite hugging tree.

Usually people are so focused on the view looking toward Half Dome that they don't see this one looking toward Tuolumne Meadows of Tenaya Lake and Mt Conness. When I saw the clouds I knew we were in for some great picture taking weather.

Off we went toward the clouds and more beautiful scenery.

 The walk along side the meadow was spectacular. The air was alive with energy.
The clouds kept changing and just as we reached the mellow section of the Tuolumne river we came across two does and fawns.

Can you see the spirit of a buck's head looking over them in the water to the right. OK so I have a good imagination but I see it even if you don't. See how the dead roots create his antlers.

Soon my quests were overlooking a small water fall and down the river in awe. It's a real pleasure to show families such beauty.

I'll post more on this great day on my next post "a Tuolumne tour continued".

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  1. How can anyone not see the buck's head and all beautiful else you show us?
    Thank you.