Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big Sandy Camping

A bit behind on posting about a great day of luxury camping.  A couple weeks back I met fellow portrait painter at the hardware store and next thing you know he's invited me to join him camping in his new Stream Line camper trailer. All I needed was a sleeping bag. I didn't hesitate. 

So next thing you know Brian the Brit who had just returned from the UK was driving us over the bumpy dirt road to Big Sandy. It was about 7 miles of very slow going but we had no trouble finding ourselves a great campsite. $18 a night for campsites BTW. There's fairly clean pit toilets there and all the campsites have fire rings with grills and sturdy picnic tables.

There were quite a few free range cattle nearby but they were fairly friendly. They spent most of their time grazing in the corn lilies. They were fairly easy to spook. Must have been that look of hunger for a juicy steak in our eyes. The campsites are mostly dirt with very little vegetation so they never entered our space. Didn't come across many cow pies except for a few places by the creek. Which means definitely don't drink the water unless you filter it real good. Eat the tiny brook trout at your own risk.

The light was just starting to get good so we set off with cameras in hand to shoot Big Sandy,  Heading down stream we came across this amazing batch of Fire Weed and Indian Paintbrush flowers blooming along the trail.

Pictures just don't do the experience justice. The place is truly magical.

It's one of those rare places on the west side of the Sierra/Nevada mountains where Aspen grow. Most of them were leaning, probably due to the heavy snow fall we had this year. There wonderful to see with their white bark and leaves that flit and flash in the breeze.

Here they are with some dying corn lilies and other flowers. I think Brian got better shots of the these.

I have to admit I love what Brian called civilized camping. Those Air Streams are first rate. Tent camping doesn't even come close. The next morning I rushed off early to try and get some good shots with the morning light.

Have to admit to be partial to the late day light. It seems to get progressively better as the day winds down. Where as the morning light gets worse as the sun rises.

All in all it was a great but short camping trip. Saw a lot of beautiful scenes and took so many photos that it's difficult to just pick a few. Also took a lot of video which I'm not sure what to do with.

The YWA plein air group is going here for September. Hope I can make it back there with them. Though most all the flowers will be gone it would still be a great place to paint. Later in fall the Apsen and oaks turn gold and the Dogwoods will be pink. I'm guessing late October and early November are going to be colorful times to be in this area.

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  1. Beautiful photos! The National Park service should hire you to promote the parks.