Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Local Pond Scum

I'm so far behind on posting some of the excursions and pics I've been taking.  Lots of pics to show along with some new hiking videos. But I need to get some of the earlier photo sessions out of the way first.

Before life got super busy I took some walks around the creeks and ponds of Mariposa.  Here is a collection of pics of that local scenery.

Right along side Hwy 49 near the fairgrounds is a pond that always gets covered in algae or as I like to call it pond scum.

This pond can be followed to some nice little creek full of interesting sites.

One of the main residents of these areas are frogs. They're not always easy to capture. Spotting this blue heron hunting along the creek reminded me why they're so skittish. I also spotted some good size bass in some of the deeper pools. Life can be tough for frogs. It's not always soft squishy scum and tasty insect feasts.

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