Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to Painting

It's been too long since I've mixed it up with a paint and brush. A couple weeks ago I accidentally left two boxes of new pastels on the roof of my car. I know this because a larger third box got wedged in the roof rack and discovered the next day on the way to a job.  Not having the money to replace the pastels I resorted back to acrylics on canvas pad.

Been thinking about forgoing the breathing of pastel dust for health reasons anyway. So here I am painting again. I think I prefer it.

Bridget is one of our favorite models with the Friday painting life drawing and painting group.

 Bridget has many classic costumes like this flapper one from a small painting done last year. I've always loved painting her as she holds a pose with poise and grace. She also happens to have an endearing personality that makes the whole experience a real treat.

All the Friday group seems to rise to the occasion when we have such classic models. One of my favorite poses of hers inspired me to place her in an old time train station.

Inspiring subjects often makes for better art, but I still have trouble bringing such paintings to a close in the studio. One day I may finish these two.  I don't know what it is about me that makes it difficult to finish things.

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