Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Day in the Park

Was feeling a bit caged like these rocks I discovered along a hill in Fish Camp. Have no idea why they created this path of caged river rock but it was interesting. This is also the start of my photography day in Yosemite.

I had planned to take pictures outside the park up at Big Sandy after dropping Margie off at work in Fish Camp. When I realized I forgot my tripod! Major bummer and it was too far to go back home and get it. So I called pro photographer Nancy in Wawona about 6 miles away and she loaned me tripod. Yeah for cool friends!

We got to talking about different hikes and I asked her about the Alder Creek trail from Wawona. Told me about a trail that starts at Mosquito Creek and I already being in the park I thought I might give it a quick look. Quick? ha ha It was 4 miles to it but I took it anyway to see how far I could get before going back to her place at 3 for a trip to Tioga.

The trail quickly leaves the creek and mosquitoes and starts it's steady but comfortable climb through a burnt forest.  The contrast of the green carpet against the blackened trees was beautiful. Not what I was expecting to see at all.

The trail was empty as far as I could see. The various plants and wild flowers were attracting lots of butterflies and the sound of the wind through the trees was it except for the birds.

It's obviously not a very well traveled trail as it was hidden by plants. Still it was wonderful to have it all to myself. There were clouds left over from the thunderstorm the day before and the greens were intense.

It's a part of Yosemite view get to see.
I made it about a mile up just past the .07 mile marker before I realized it was 2:30 and I'd better hoof it back down the trail if I was going to meet up with Nancy to go into the high country in her new convertible Miata.

Found out another photographer buddy Franka was going to join us. Both of these women are amazing photographers. Unfortunately the Miata only holds two. So plans start changing.

I had to be back to pick up Margie from work at 7pm in Fish Camp. Nancy wanted to photograph the sunset hoping the clouds would hold out.  Sunset is near 8pm which meant I'd get the uncomfortable couch for the night if I stayed. That meant taking the care down to Fish Camp for Margie and catching a ride with Franka on her way up. Seemed like good timing.

Unfortunately Franka couldn't stay late because she had an early morning long drive the next day. Next thing you know the clouds are gone and it looks like the meadows on the way to Sentinel Dome are the new plan. Hiked to McGurk Meadow but the sun was leaving us fast so we left there looking for meadows still in sun.

On the way we spotted this meadow in shade next to the road that was alive with Shooting Stars. Unfortunately the mosquitoes got the better of me and I left Franka and Nancy to get shots that are probably way better than this one.

Next stop was Sentinel Dome a hike I have never done in all my years here.  That I'll continue in part two. The new blog header pic is a self portrait from the end of that day.

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