Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sierra Art Trails, Oct 5,6 & 7

Yikes Sierra Art Trails is just around the corner and I've totally neglected this blog. Too focused on the creative process and not the marketing. You'd think that someone who has made their living in as an Advertising Graphic Designer and Illustrator would know better.

Sad fact is I am horrible at self promotion. I love the process of creating art but selling my art is difficult. Partly because these creations are my babies and hard to let go of. As long as the art is in my possession I can rework and fine tune it at my leisure.
Now I've got too much of it and not enough wall space. So it's time to move these babies out of here and make room for more.

My home studio will be open to the public for three days, October 5,6, and 7 as part of this great tour of Sierra artists and their studios. Most of what you will see at my studio will be my recent landscape paintings. Of course my photography has been taking off well so you'll see some of that too. This is a great chance to get some art for your walls at discounted prices.

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