Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fridays Painting Group

Every Friday I join a bunch of other artists in painting from a live model. The sessions are three hours long, with the model usually holding the same pose very 20 minutes with 10 minutes break. Of course we all get to gabbing during our breaks so we don't always get 6 poses in for the full three hours. But we have a lot of fun and we all look forward to Friday mornings.

In this pic you can see what I did in the first 20 minutes as compared to the last 20. Though I got a good likeness by the last pose the first 20 seem fresher and still a fair representation of the model. In fact I think I caught more of his likable personality in the first 20.

Sometimes in the struggle of getting a realistic likeness the struggle becomes apparent and the freshness and vitality in those first initial strokes is lost. 

Anyway this is my new blog about my various artistic endeavors. I look forward to connecting with other artist friends and sharing our love for the arts.

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